How to choose the best tile type for your home

When it comes to tiling your home it is important to choose the right tile type to suit the needs of your home. How to choose the best tile type for your home can be influenced by a few factors.  Here are a few pro’s and con’s on whether to choose manmade or natural flooring for your home.

How to choose the right flooring for your home


Manmade flooring

  • Easy to look after
  • Cost effective
  • Variety of colours, textures, prints and patterns to suite your colour scheme or theme

Ceramic tiles are very popular and affordable to most budgets.  They do not need sealing, they are waterproof , can resist standing pools of water and are simple to clean. Be careful though as some tiles are not suitable for floors, they are made just for walls. They are cold and can be slippery so choose a smaller tile that will need more grouting, as the grout acts as a non skid surface.

Porcelain is part of the ceramic family and again is hard wearing and waterproof.

Vinyl is very practical and if sheet vinyl is used in a small area there might not need to be any seams. As vinyl is so popular it comes in an abundance of colours and styles.  However if it is not laid properly there can be gaps between the seams which is very unsightly in a room.


Natural flooring

  • Robust, hardwearing and hygienic, great for a modern home
  • Timeless, these tiles are not effected by trends and will always look stylish and classy
  • Unique and individual, as each stone floor is different
  • If you are considering under floor heating, natural flooring is a great heat conductor

Marble, comes in beautiful, white, grey and dark tones, however it can be slippy.

Limestone again comes in lovely beige, grey and dark colours but can have differing levels of durability so might not be ideal for high traffic areas.

Slate is striking and adds texture to a room however staining, discolouration, white marks, flakes and streaking can be a problem.

Natural flooring is more expensive and some types ie granite, limestone and marble can have problems with moisture if in a bathroom. Some types will also need to be sealed and protected and it is not advisable to use some supermarket cleaners as they are too harsh for these types of tiles.


So as you can see there are many different aspects to research before deciding on the correct tile for your home. If you are looking for some tile inspiration why not have a look at the Top Trends for bathrooms in 2019.

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