Amtico Cleaning Bothwell

Amtico Cleaning Bothwell

Why choose McMillans for Amtico Cleaning Bothwell?

We are industry trained and highly skilled in Amtico cleaning in Bothwell. We are qualified to complete any project presented to us from a small tiled bathroom in a domestic property to a large commercial building. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in the processes of natural stone stripping, cleaning, colour enhancing and the application of the correct sealant and finish.


Why get your Amtico Cleaned Bothwell?

You will not believe the difference in your flooring after it has been professionally deep cleaned and restored. With our service, you will spend less time and money by restoring your flooring as opposed to the hassle, upheaval and cost of replacing your flooring. We will strip your floors using our specially designed equipment and applicable stripping technology we will strip all pre-existing seal or finish that may have failed years ago causing a very unattractive surface to your beautiful floor. See our website for some amazing before and after shots. Or follow us on Instagram.

What our customers say about us

Mrs Robertson,

“Excellent service. Restored my Amtico flooring like new again”

Claire Jones, Bearsden,

“Cracked Tiles fixed! WOW A few of my tiles were cracked and McMillan Tile Cleaning was able to restore them, you can’t even tell they were damaged. The floor is so clean, really happy with it thank you.”


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